1 - VIALAND - ISTANBUL DISNEYLAND: Vialand - Istanbul Disneyland, the first theme park in Istanbul. The park is located in the district Gaziosmanpaşa in Eyup district and was opened in May 26, 2013. In addition to the theme park, the territory of Vialand has a huge shopping mall.

On the territory of 600 thousand square meters a big temapark is built, which is 200 thousand square meters. also 300 thousand meters reserved for the shopping center, and 100 thousand meters of the place for the demonstration area.

Amusement Park Vialand is divided into three thematic areas: historical, games and adventure.
In the historical part you can make a trip to the ancient Istanbul. Game part of the park is designed for the youngest visitors. Kids will be interested and have fun to visit the castle, which is inhabited by characters from fairy tales and cartoons.
But for teenagers there is an adventure part. Roller coaster, white water rafting on the wild river ride with King Kong, a safari in the tunnel.

  • Vialand Istanbul
  • Vialand Istanbul



The average duration of excursion is from 6 to 8 hours (you can adjust the time as you wish).

The tour can be done every day.

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- English-speaking guide

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- Entrance fees to all attractions and visited museums

- The cost of transport for excursions


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