1 - ISTANBUL ZOO: Darıca Istanbul Zoo is one of the most popular zoos, which contains many kinds of different animals. Among gray similar buildings in the urban style is an oasis of greenery, where you can watch the different animals, Istanbul Zoo - emerald paradise. You can not only spend time with family, but also learn a lot about the living world of the planet.

The owner of the zoo, Professor Faruk Yalcin, all the money raised from the visitors spends on animals, but unfortunately, as often happens, it is only a small part of the funds needed for this purpose. Most of the funds allocated for the maintenance of zoo animals and fed through the sale of books produced by his publisher. Sometimes, assistance is provided by some Turkish companies.

While the zoo and is far from the center, it is still worth to visit this place, to see how the Turks are careful to animals. For example, in each bird cage you will see a fountain and in the center of the pool with alligators there is a stuffed dinosaur. Many visitors love with decorative Japanese garden gnomes. Walking through the park is a pure fun. And not only for children but also for adults.

  • Istanbul Zoo
  • Istanbul Zoo



The average duration of excursion is from 6 to 8 hours (you can adjust the time as you wish).

The tour can be done every day.

What will be included in the tour price:
- English-speaking guide

What will not be included in the tour price:

- Entrance fees to all attractions and visited museums

- The cost of transport for excursions


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