Helicopter rent in Istanbul

Renting a helicopter in Istanbul can be both for the tour upon the Bosphorus and the city and for the transfer from the airport to the hotel and other destinations. Helicopter is absolutely useful for businessmen who need to quickly and in time comfortably reach the designated place in Istanbul or beyond its borders.Rent helicopter in Istanbul This transport may seem as more expensive type of vehicle than taxi or other vehicles, but for those whose time is very important, renting a helicopter will be an indispensable solution for overcoming great distances to travel for a business meeting. Apart from business flights, helicopter can carry out exciting excursions. Excursions are held both on the Bosphorus and over the city Istanbul itself. Here from a bird's eye you can watch unforgettable landscapes that undoubtedly worth seeing. This is a very exciting journey over the city, an exciting and enchanting, that will leave an unforgettable impression in your memory. You can take a trip in Istanbul by helicopter both individually and with a group of friends and colleagues. This experience will add much color to the day of everyone who take the tour on a helicopter over Istanbul.


Transfer by helicopter from the airport to the hotel

Transfer by helicopter in IstanbulBook in advance transfer to Istanbul by helicopter, you can easily, quickly and in a comfortable environment, avoiding possible traffic jams, get to the hotel, which has a landing pad for helicopters. It is a very convenient service, if you want to quickly get from the airport to the hotel by helicopter or other destination. To do this, you must send request by the contact form or call and provide the necessary information. Once all the details will be discussed, the reservation for transfer by helicopter to a specified day is made. This very convenient service that allows you to quickly get to the desired destination. Before you order a transfer by helicopter in Istanbul, it is advised to contact and to clarify the details of the transfer, which allows us to quickly and efficiently provide a transfer service on the specified date.


Excursions in Istanbul by helicopter

Tours by helicopter in Istanbul

In addition to the transfer from the airport to the hotel by helicopter, as well as business flights, it is possible to enjoy the views of Istanbul from the bird's-eye view, offering enchanting views of the city from a helicopter and a great view of the Bosphorus, the historical part of the city and the waterfront. It is a spectacular sight that is worth seeing, visiting Istanbul. Helicopter еour in Istanbul is divided into several categories depending on the time of the trip. Helicopter еours in Istanbul are divided by 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Depending on the time spent on tour changes the route of flight over the city. All the details of the tour by helicopter over Istanbul can be found by sending request via the contact form or by writing to the email address.