Yacht rent in IstanbulYacht rent in Istanbul

One of the most popular reasons for which to rent a yacht in Istanbul is, of course, a walk along the Bosphorus. Strolling through the historical streets of the ancient city and looking at the sights with a long history, knowing the city from the inside, it would also be interesting to see Istanbul from the Bosphorus side. From here it opens a unique view of this beautiful city of contrasts. To go on a little trip to the individual walk through the Bosphorus, it is necessary first of all to book a yacht in Istanbul. Further, in this topic will be discussed, for what you can rent a boat, how and where to do it.

How to rent a yacht in Istanbul

Deciding to go to Istanbul and take a ride on a yacht on the Bosporus many questions arise, how and where to order a yacht in Istanbul. Our company has made sure that it was convenient for customers to order a yacht and it won't take much time and effort. To book a yacht, you must inform us by email or other means of communication, listed on the site, and provide the following required details to rent yachts. Firstly, we need to know the exact date and time for which you plan to rent a yacht. Then we will check the availability of the yacht on the specified date and time in advance to reserve a boat for you at your preferred time interval. The second thing necessary is to specify the number of people for how much will the yacht be rented. The capacity of yachts are ranged from 7 to 50 people, so it is desirable to know in advance the number of passengers for selecting the right boat. The third main thing that is necessary to know is for what will  the yacht be rented - is it an individual walk through the Bosphorus, an evening dinner on the yacht, a celebration of the birthday birthday party and jubilee celebrations on a yacht, organization of the anniversary celebration on a yacht, business meetings or negotiations, celebration of the New Year or other events. All the details of the yachts can be found on our website. There is information about the yachts and their specifications.

To find out the price for renting the yacht, it is necessary to clarify the information listed above. After that, our staff will provide information for the required yacht and will help you choose the best option and provide the price for the rent of yachts in Istanbul.

Rent a yacht in IstanbulFor what to rent a yacht in Istanbul

There are many reasons to rent a yacht in Istanbul, some of which we listed in this section. The most popular reason for renting a yacht on the Bosphorus is a walk on a yacht, individually or in a group of friends and loved ones. Also, you can rent a yacht for a birthday party or an evening party. Celebrating and anniversary on a yacht, sailing on the evening Bosporus will also be a very memorable event. People also often seek to rent the yacht to celebrate New Year and other festive dates.

Additionally, we offers the possibility of dinner with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and organization and entertainment shows on yachts. By contacting us, we will be happy to discuss all the details and arrange a memorable event on a yacht in Istanbul for you.