1 - THE FORTRESS WALLS OF CONSTANTINOPLE (MARMARA SEA PART): The city walls of Constantinople were built to protect the city from enemies trying to attack Constantinople, during the reign of Emperor Theodosius II. These walls reach the length of 5630 meters. When the city passed the boundaries of the walls, their construction has proceeded, which was headed by the prefect Anfimov 408 to 413 years.

  • Fortress walls of Constantinople view from the sea
  • Fortress walls of Constantinople view from the Sea of Marmara

2 - THE FORTRESS WALLS OF CONSTANTINOPLE (LAND PART, TOPKAPI): For a lot of work invested in the base of the wall, one of the famous Irish historians Byzantinists named prefect Anfimov "second founder of Constantinople." During an earthquake in 447, part of the wall collapsed, after which the wall was carefully fortified. At the same time, in front of the wall a wide ditch was dug. The height of the inner wall is 12 meters and its width - 5 meters. The wall was reinforced by hexagonal and octagonal towers every 55 meters, the height of the towers is 20 meters. The lower part of the tower was adapted for storing food.

  • Fortress walls of Constantinople side Topkapi
  • Fortress walls of Constantinople view from Topkapi

3 - HISTORICAL MUSEUM "PANORAMA 1453" (PRESENTATION OF THE CONQUEST OF ISTANBUL): The museum is dedicated to the final and decisive assault on Constantinople, which was headed by Sultan Mehmed II in 1453. The idea to build a museum there has come in 2005, the project leader was the famous artist and cartoonist Hashim Vatandash. Already in January 31, 2009 there was the official opening of the Historical Panorama Museum. The museum is located in the Zeytinburnu district, near the historic walls of Constantinople.

  • Panorama Museum
  • Panorama Museum in Istanbul

4 - BLACHERNAE CHURCH - 1600 YEAR ACTIVE "LIFE GIVING'' SPRING: Blachernae Church is a famous church in the history of Eastern Christianity, which was located near the suburb of Blachernae at the imperial palace during the time of Constantinople, near the shores of the Golden Horn, in the historic part of the city. The temple was built at the foot of the sixth hill city of Constantinople and was located outside the borders of Theodosiev walls. Construction site was started by Empress Pulcheria in 450, and after her death, the construction was finished by Marcian.

  • Blachernae Church
  • Blachernae Church in Istanbul

5 - THE FORTRESS WALLS OF CONSTANTINOPLE (PART OF THE GULF ''GOLDEN HORN''): The outer wall of the city was comparatively lower in height and thinner in width than the internal wall. In total, there were 96 towers, and only 10 of them were passable. The main entrance was passing through the Golden Gate, which consisted of three triumphal arches made of marble. Intermediary walls that were in the river valley 1250 meters in length, were the weakest segment of the greatest wall. During the storming of Constantinople in 1453, Mehmed II used this weak spot to break into the city. The wall was badly damaged, but soon it was restored, it was rebuilt as an Eight Tower fortress. In 1830's Fortress Yedikule ceased to be used as a prison, barracks and prison rooms were demolished and in their place was built a school. In 1895 Yedikule Fortress as it is also called, was declared a museum.

  • Fortress wall of Constantinople part of Golden Horn
  • Fortress wall of Constantinople part of Golden Horn

6 - PIERRE LOTI OBSERVATION DECK (LIFTING BY CABLE CAR) VIEW ON THE BAY OF 'GOLDEN HORN': The observation deck is located on the hilltop district of Eyup, in the historical part of Istanbul city. This place got its name from famous cafe, which is located here. The famous French writer Julien Viot and the officer, whose stage name was Pierre Loti, often liked to sit in a small coffee house on a hilltop, overlooking magnificent views of the Bosphorus. As a result, the coffee house was called after him - Pierre Loti Cafe. Today, in this place a lot of people come to sit in the same cafe and admire the beautiful views of the Bosphorus.

  • Pierre Loti observation deck
  • Pierre Loti observation deck

7 - CHAMLYDZHA PARK OBSERVATION DECK - PARK ACROSS THE BOSPHORUS BRIDGE (ASIA): Chamlydzha hill on which the observation deck is located on the Asian side of Istanbul is 263 meters above sea level. This place is one of the highest points of the city of Istanbul and so it offers a great view of the Bosphorus and the city. Previously, here lots of festivities, celebrations were organized, and even today this place is a favorite destination for honeymooners. In early 1980, the Company "Touring" organized the restoration of the hill.

  • Chamlydzha Park
  • Chamlydzha Park observation deck in Istanbul

8 - THE HIGHEST BUILDING IN TURKEY - SAPPHİRE, A VIEWING TERRACE (4-D SIMULATION): Skyscraper İstanbul Sapphire is located in the central business district of Levent and is the highest building in Istanbul, Turkey. The project of the skyscraper was designed by Biskon Construction (Kiler Group affiliate), construction of the building was completed in 2011. The height of this huge building is 261 meters, including the length of the spire. Here are residential apartments, office space, shopping center and many other interesting things.

  • The highest building in Turkey Sapphire
  • The highest building in Turkey Sapphire



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